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And 7 is what we love now (3,753 views)
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Good war today, italien crew put a good fight. (3,146 views)
We have reached what we aimed for (3,096 views)
Feeder still easy going (3,045 views)
A gemmer, with account cost 25k $ +++ (3,035 views)
Super Cell usage of us as betatester (2,995 views)
Celebrating a new stage at main (2,990 views)
A picture better then a thousand word they say (2,934 views)
A turkish thrust with low def accounts. We can handle losing. Can you handle winning? (2,801 views)
Happiness yet again (2,786 views)
OUR PORTAL, the 3 steps to our clan: Concider this when you decide to join us. (2,730 views)
Opps we did it again (2,552 views)
Feeder killed a japanese crew yesterday (2,391 views)
Feeder ahead of main in scourged earth (2,381 views)

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welcome to adheretowar , we eat sleep war repeat ;)

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