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And 7 is what we love now (3,398 views)
An irani crew decorated us today. love those green badges (2,868 views)
We have reached what we aimed for (2,838 views)
Good war today, italien crew put a good fight. (2,837 views)
Feeder still easy going (2,724 views)
A gemmer, with account cost 25k $ +++ (2,709 views)
Super Cell usage of us as betatester (2,685 views)
Celebrating a new stage at main (2,676 views)
A picture better then a thousand word they say (2,624 views)
OUR PORTAL, the 3 steps to our clan: Concider this when you decide to join us. (2,519 views)
Happiness yet again (2,473 views)
A turkish thrust with low def accounts. We can handle losing. Can you handle winning? (2,455 views)
Opps we did it again (2,234 views)
Feeder killed a japanese crew yesterday (2,214 views)
Feeder ahead of main in scourged earth (2,176 views)

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welcome to adheretowar , we eat sleep war repeat ;)

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